Looking to 2023.

Here we are looking at the end of another year. I find myself remembering times when the year has seemed SO long, but also can think of times when the days seemed fleeting. Farm life continues to provide order, routine, and healthy challenges to our lives. As we constantly seek to steward our land and animals well, things are always changing and we are always learning.

Adam continues to serve as the swine herder, maintaining our breeding trio of Idaho Pasture Pigs. He has grown in his poultry butcher skills and is always looking for new and better ways to provide meat for our family and our customers. We now have a trailer that holds our meat processing equipment which makes rentals easy and efficient.

I find great joy in tending my small-ish flock of sixteen sheep. This past year we raised our first batch of meat lambs. We weren’t sure what to expect, but the meat was so delicious we decided to expand this portion of the farm for the coming years. We added two new ewes to our herd for this purpose and we are expecting lambs from them sometime soon. We continue to also maintain a small group of Painted Desert sheep for breeding. In the past year we added a new herd sire, Odin.

We were delighted that this Spring our turkeys laid eggs and we were able to hatch our own turkey chicks. These chicks were raised by us from day one and enjoyed a happy healthy life out on pasture. Thank you to all our Thanksgiving turkey customers!

We think often about how we will grow this farm venture in future years. It takes time to build flocks, improve pastures, and upgrade equipment. Here is a peek at what 2023 will look like at Be Still Farm.

  • We have two pork shares available in April 2023.
  • We will be selling our lamb meat by the cut this year (stay tuned for pricing).
  • We are thinking about having a chicken CSA (let us know if you’d be interested).
  • There are some turkeys available for a Spring harvest, and we will offer Thanksgiving turkeys again this year.
  • Our pigs are bred and due in February/March. More registered IPP piglets are coming!
  • We added some colorful egg layers to our chicken flock this year and now have a beautiful rainbow of eggs to offer. We are looking forward to more eggs once the daylight hours begin to increase.

Thank you to all who supported our farm this past year. We are grateful to still be able to do this work and wouldn’t be able to continue without our faithful customers. We are looking forward to another fantastic year of farming!

4 thoughts on “Looking to 2023.

      1. I’m about 4 hrs away. In Centerville, NY. I’d be most interested in a ram lamb and possibly a couple unrelated ewe lambs if you had any. What are your prices?


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