Be Still Farm has been a project that we have been slowly working on over many years, with several different properties and names. It has been our goal to raise healthy, happy animals that can feed people at affordable prices. It all started with chickens, but soon grew to include ducks, pigs, and sheep.

In 2018 we heard a call to expand and we have been faithfully walking the path that the Lord has set before us. We are blessed to own 21 acres of paradise in the town of Rexford, NY. The property is a wonderful mix of pasture and woodland with three ponds, an orchard and a good sized garden plot.

Meet the Staff

Adam’s main role on the farm is as the swine herder, but in reality he manages most of the animals that are raised for meat purposes. He rotates pastures, moves tractors, stacks hay, processes poultry, and builds fences. Without Adam the farm would not run. While some days we wish that this were his full time job, he also runs a rock climbing gym on the side.

Lisa’s day job is as an art teacher, but she spends her evenings and summers “off” as a farmer. Lisa cares for the gardens, does homesteading tasks of all kinds, manages the administrative tasks of the farm, but mostly enjoys her role as the shepherdess in the family.

Our daughter is the animal whisperer. There isn’t an animal on the farm that hasn’t benefitted from her loving care. She is in charge of the laying and breeding birds, including chickens, ducks, geese, and turkeys. When she isn’t caring for birds, you might find her in a tree reading a book.

Pedro and Pablo are protectors of the livestock. They are brothers, but look and act totally different. Pedro is all fun, Pablo is all business.

Little Bear is our rodent hunter extraordinaire. Don’t be confused when you happen to find him all cute and curled up in his favorite garden spot, he really is a vicious beast disguised as a cat.