Please contact us if you are interested in any of our products.

Idaho Pasture Pigs

  • Registered breeding gilt or boar. $350.00
  • Barrow feeders. $150.00
  • Pork Share (next available date= May 2023).
    • $3.25/lb, plus butcher fees ($70 +$.99/lb, smoking and links are extra)

Poultry Products

  • Chicken Eggs, $4/dozen
  • Duck Eggs, $5/dozen
  • Goose Eggs, $1 each (seasonal)
  • Whole Chicken, $3.25/lb
  • Turkeys, $3.50/lb. Now accepting reservations for November 2022 turkeys.

Poultry Processing Classes

  • Participate in a Be Still Farm processing day with detailed instruction and hands on learning – $25 (stay right through until clean up or as long as you need to feel comfortable)
  • Rent our Processing equipment for the day – $50/24 hours (Drum plucker, dunk scalder, 3 dispatch cones, 7 cu. ft cooler)
  • Equipment Delivery with one hour lesson/assistance – $25 within 25 miles of Rexford ($1/mile if outside 25 mile radius)

Pasture Raised Lamb

  • Next shares will be ready May 2023
  • Price is a flat fee of $350 for a full lamb share. You can expect about 30-40 lbs of meat custom cut by our butcher.
  • $100 deposit to reserve your share.