At Be Still Farm we specialize in all natural, pasture based, humanly raised animals. We raise animals for meat, but are also breeders of Idaho Pasture Pigs and Painted Desert Sheep.

What We Raise

Idaho Pasture Pigs

Our pigs are raised on a rotational pasture system. We sell piglets for breeding and as feeders, but also raise some each year to sell as pork shares.

Free Range Chickens

Our chickens are raised on pasture as soon as they are old enough to leave the heat lamp. They have a tractor to sleep in which is protected from the elements and predators, and receive a new grass patch daily.

Heritage Breed Turkeys

Once a year we raise a batch of turkeys for the holidays. Our turkey chicks are heritage breeds and are raised on pasture. Our breeding trio, Tom, Henny, and Nibbles, are Blue Slate turkeys.

Hair Sheep

We have a small well-loved flock of hair sheep. Our main business is selling lambs as breeders, but we also have a few meat lambs that are raised on a 100% grass diet.

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